Apply for Incentives For Inter Caste Marriage in West Bengal

Important Guidelines of Scheme for the encouragement of the Inter-Caste Marriage:

To have this great initiative in West Bengal under of PCR Act 1955 Government of India has announced a scheme for the encouragement of Inter-Caste Marriage and the main motive behind this scheme is to finish the Caste consciousness among the people in all over the country and to encourage people for the Inter-Caste Marriage. This is a 50 :50 sharing basis scheme which is introduced by the Govt. of India/State Government. Under this scheme the couples will be awarded  with Rs. 30,000/ and this will be paid to the Scheduled Castes bride/bridegroom only.

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Conditions of Eligibility :
1.  Both the bride and groom  should be citizen of India and one of the spouse must belongs to scheduled caste and both of them should have the domicile of  West Bengal. The candidate shall not hold any benefit under similar scheme. This scheme is for those candidates where one spouse belongs to SC and the other is non-SC/ST/OBC or General.
2.  The grant will be given to those couples who are going for first marriage only.
3.  The eligible couples can apply for this incentive after 1 year for their date of marriage.

Process of implementation of the scheme :
1. The eligible bride and groom will submit an application to the Project Officer-Cum-District Welfare Officer/District Welfare Officer of the district.
2. The application must be supported with duly attested photo copy of the marriage registration certificate which is  issued by Marriage Registration Officer.
3.  The couple will submit duly attested photocopy of the Scheduled Caste Certificate issued by competent authority.
4.  The eligible couple will also submit a certificate of one of the spouse that he/she belongs to non- SC,ST,OBC and this is necessary for the process.

5.  2 copies of couple’s Joint Photograph and it has to be  duly attested and to be fixed on the top space of the application.
6.  Address Proof of the couple (Electricity Bill, Ration Cards etc.) is to be submitted
7.  Age proof of both the couples has  to be submitted.
8.  The applicant will furnish a self declaration form which state that he/she has not received incentive for intercaste marriage previously.
9.  The claim of incentive for inter-caste marriage will not be claimed as a matter of Right.

Application Procedure :
An applicant will submit the application to the P.O-Cum-D.W.O/D.W.O of the district. The P.O-Cum-D.W.O will verify the facts stated in the application. Then he will send his recommendation alongwith enquiry report and original applications with supporting documents to Commissioner, B.C.W. Directorate. P.O.-cum- D.W.O/D.W.O will keep the Xerox copy of the original application and one copy of the Joint Photograph of the couple in his office.

On receipt  the applicants has to duly recommended by the B.C.W. Directorate will examine the same and will send the same to the B.C.W Department with their comments

There shall no old cases will be entertained , only the fresh cases will be sanctioned.


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