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How to Obtain Ration Card in Andhra Pradesh

Here we are providing you some simple and important steps to get your ration card and its details through online at its website : apcivilsupplies.gov.in

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Andhra Pradesh Government has decided to provide the ration card to all the citizens of Andhra Pradesh through online mode. The online process is quite simple and easy way out for getting the ration card and to obtain its other important details through online. Andhra Pradesh State White Ration card holder’s details are now easily available in AP Civil Supplies department official website : www.apcivilsupplies.gov.in.
 Now one can have all details related to Ration cards through online, so there is no need to wait for such a long time all you need to do is to just go online   website www.apcivilsupplies.gov.in and get your Ration card details and other information such as  ; Name of the candidates, address of candidates and other information and details.
Andhra Pradesh Ration card Details are now easily available through online at its website www.apcivilsupplies.gov.in . Andhra Pradesh civil supplies has recently provides the A.P. Ration card Details, Ration Card Information, and Ration Card status in online it is very easy and convenient for all the candidates to get a details fast and accurate . Now Andhra Pradesh citizens can renew their white and yellow ration card through online service. AP Ration Cards details are now available through its website and its very useful for villagers because of they want ration cards details for a long time in the concerned MRO offices for other important details but through online they can get very easily.

How to obtain Ration Card Details Through Online:

Those applicants who wish to know their Ration card details must provide their ration card details like number which is very important and mandatory to find other details and further process.  It is always better to provide at least your Ration Card number after entering into online www.apcivilsupplies.gov.in. Ration Card details Form are available only for BPL ration Cards which is available and Ration Card History Form BPL Cards: http://icfs2.ap.gov.in/icfs/welcome.do, Search Ration Card Details in www.apcivilsupplies.gov.in website is for Search Ration Card details and also AP Civil Supplies department also provides Ration Card details in icfs2.ap.gov.in.
Here we are providing you following process which help you to check your Ration Card Details Online.
To check Ration Card Details online you need to visit the website http://www.apcivilsupplies.gov.in/ and after visiting this link you can have an option of Ration Card Information which will be on left side of the website.

 After that you are required to select the Ration Card Information and then you can get the following page
Now enter Your Username and password if it is available otherwise you can just enter any one of the following details..
User Name: guest and password: guest123. And login to account.
Select whats your option

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Now you select FPShop Number/ word number
You can obtain all the important details of your ration cards at the concerned  district and you can easily find out your Ration card Number.
This is the easiest process to get Ration Card details through online.
To get Ration Card Details Click Here   –http://www.apcivilsupplies.gov.in/
Ration Card Login – http://icfs2.ap.gov.in/icfs/welcome.do

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