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Police Verification Report:

The ‘Police Verification Report’ is a report on the character and the incidents of an individual. The verification report states that whether or not the individual has come to any important notice due to his general conduct. The report is specially verified that whether or not the applicant has been into any criminal case. And if there is any involvement by the applicant then there will be a criminal case pending against him/her in the court of law according to the district police report. Efforts are also made to get a similar report from his/her place of permanent residence. It is also verified whether the individual is indeed the person whose photograph has been affixed on the PVR application form.


Why needs PVR:


The PVR is a typically sought by private employers for their potential employees before finalizing their appointment. It is also sought by landlords for their potential tenants before letting their premises to them.


Who can issue this:

This can be issued only by the District Superintendent of Police of the particular district where the applicant resides issues the PVR.


How to apply for PVR:

To apply for Police vertification report the applicant is need to fill an application form which is available at no cost at all the security branch and all th district police offices or department in Haryana.

Then  an applicant has to submit the dully filled application form along with the important documents and the required application fees.


If any applicant needs to download the application form for the same then they are required to visit this link to download it very easily http://haryanapolice.nic.in/forms.asp


Application Fee:

All applicants are informed that they are required to deposit the required fees which is Rs.100/- all inclusive at the Security Branch with the proper receipt along with the application form.


Important Documents:

Here we are providing you the list of necessary documents which has to be attached with the application form:


  • Copy of ration card
  • Voters id card
  • Recent paid electricity and water bill.
  • Bank details
  • Passport
  • Two recent passport size photo of an applicant whose verification has been sought.

If you need more details on this then you are required to click here http://haryanapolice.nic.in/tenet.asp

Official Website: http://www.haryanapolice.nic.in/index.asp

Postal Address:

Haryana Police
Police Headquater
Sector-6 ,Panchkula,
Haryana, India

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