Process to View Land Records Details online in Chhattisgarh


Information about Land Records :

The Land Records information and other important details is made accessible to public with a view to making it more correct and accurate. Kindly provide us your feedback regarding any discrepancies found and or suggestions so that neccessary corrections may be made accordingly.To know more kindly read below:

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Please Note :
Data is available from  :  10;30 am till 05:30 pm on all working days.


Computerisation Land Records in Chhattisgarh :
1:  The computerised land records project is implemented at Tehsil level in Chhattisgarh state. This project is named ‘BHUINYA’. There are 18 districts and 150 tehsils in the Chhattisgarh state. Under this project 1 server and at least 2 clients have been installed at each of 98 old Tehsil offices
2:  The client-server model software developed by NIC Chhattisgarh state unit has been implemented in all the tehsil offices. Any person seeking Khasra, Khatauni may approach concerned Tehsil office to very instantly get these records through system. The records are made available at Tehsil office itself on payment of nominal charges fixed by the Government.
3: The important  modules of the software are Data-Entry, Mutation and Reports. The P-II and B-1 reports can be generated for any individual or for entire village.
4:  Sample P-II and B-1 reports can be checked easily by just clicking on the provided link above and selecting Village and Khasra Numbers. Sample data is used for this demonstration of report generation.
5:  In order to benefit the remote villagers, web enabled report generation facility has been incorporated in the software. This facility keeps the option of remote access open. Access to data on any tehsil server through DIALUP from any authenticated kiosk is possible. Alternatively even faster access can be attained by establishing VSATs or RF-Link connectivity between tehsil offices.
6:  The motive of this website is to ensure that the data stored in the tehsil servers is correct and reliable by seeking online public feedback. Quick response to any complaints or suggestions regarding data is guaranteed and appropriate action to rectify the data errors will be taken up with the help of Revenue department, Chhattisgarh. Complaints regarding implementation of the project at any Tehsil offices may also be placed here for taking up the matter with senior officers at Secretariat and office of the Commissioner Land Records, Chhattisgarh.

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    i have found some spelling mistake in online form B-I & P-II . Please suggest what is the right way for it correction.

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