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Goa Scholar Scheme 2014-15 :


The main aim of this scholarship scheme is to promote in pursuit of post-graduate studies by younger population of Goa, by way of recognizing the deserving and outstanding students with a Scholarship to undertake Post-graduate and Ph.D studies in Institutions of proven excellence, in India or abroad. This Scheme is not just designed to be the financial assistance scheme, but will recognize the merit and merit separately.


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1. The Scheme will starts  the selection procedure of maximum of 20 ‘Goa Scholars’ annually from among the younger population of Goa in recognition of their merit by availing them scholarship in their pursuit of Post-Graduate and doctoral studies. Intellectual distinction is a mandatory but not a sufficient condition for selection as a Goa Scholar.

The respective Selection Committee will seek among the eligible applicants, who are excellence in qualities of mind and in qualities of person that offer the promise of effective service to the country/world in the decades ahead. The Goa Scholarships means in short, are an investment in human capital building rather than in project proposals.

2. The scheme lays down the process to be followed for the selection of Goa Scholars pursuing post-graduate studies in Institutions of proven excellence, in India or abroad.

3. The Scholarship scheme will be holded and managed by the ‘Higher Education Promotion Fund’ (HEPF), that has separately been established by the state Government for grant of interest free loan to all eligible students.

1. Any candidate who is  below the age of 35 years and who was born in Goa and/or has been domiciled in Goa for last 15 years period will be entitled to be selected as “Goa Scholar” which provided he/she fulfils all of the following conditions :-
i. Candidate must have passed the qualifying undergraduate Degree examination from an Institution which is located in Goa.
ii. Candidate must have achieved a meritorious rank or position in the qualifying Degree examination as per the criteria adopted by the Screening Committee.
iii. Candidate must have obtained admission to the concerned Institution of proven excellence in India or abroad for undertaking post-graduate studies, as approved under this scheme. Top 50 Universities/Institutions in USA/UK, Australia, France, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland and top 50 universities/Institutions in India which are determined by the Screening Committee based on standard International/National rankings only shall be considered.

There are  number of scholarships may be offered to such candidates who have passed the qualifying under-graduate Degree examination from a well-known and reputed Institution located outside Goa, provided the candidate fulfils the other conditions mentioned in Clause III above.

An applications under the scholarship scheme will be invited in a prescribed format every year for the eligible students ,and for the scholarships and financial assistance will be provided to be offered in the academic year. Applicants, who fail to submit the duly filled prescribed form with all the required documents within the specific due date should not be considered eligible for selection as a Goa Scholar, in that year.

The concerned Department of Higher Education will announce the Scheme prominently in various local dailies as well as on the State Government /Department’s website.

All the duly filled applications will be received under the Scheme and they shall be registered and a registration number will be provided to the applicant. The registration number must be quoted in all the subsequent correspondence and documentation.

Selection Procedure:

The process for selection of Goa Scholars under the scheme will  be completed by 31st August every year. The shortlisted candidates, on scrutiny of the applications, are required to appear for a personal interview before the concerned Selection Committee, and may be required to submit additional details and other important information regarding the Institution/Course, should such a need arise.

Those candidate who are unable to furnish any of the mandatory details and important  information or furnishes any incorrect or false information, will be immediately disqualified from being selected as a Goa Scholar under the scholarship scheme. In the event that any amount of Scholarship has already been disbursed to such disqualified applicant, such amount shall become re-payable to the Government, immediately. Any false information submitted in the application shall be treated as cognizable offence under IPC.

The candidates are suggetsed to write an essay of about 300 words on his/her strengths/personality/achievements and his/her vision for future. Which express about their personality, education, skill, dedication etc on that essay. The Essay must be typed by the candidate itself. The reasons why he/she should be considered for this coveted Scholarship should be included. In the essay, the Selection Committee will particularly look for a realistic assessment of the candidate’s possible contribution to the development of the State of Goa.

In that  event  the candidate has been selected for a course which  involves deadlines in relation to payment of fees and other charges, it shall be the responsibility of the applicant himself/herself to arrange adequate finance for meeting such deadlines. In some  rare cases, the financial assistance will be granted under the Scheme and can be utilized to pay back any such bridging loan obtained by the applicant from relatives, friends or Banks.

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