Registration and Renewal process of Employment Exchange in Puducherry


Employment Exchange Online Registration Process:

The employment exchange registrations are for Puducherry State applicants only. Applicants are required to furnish correct & complete information regarding State resident, Personal Profile, Educational Qualifications etc. Furnishing any incorrect information will be liable for cancellation without further notice.
After online registration, Registrants are requested to report to their respective Employment Exchanges (Puducherry, Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam) in person within 1 month from the date of registration with all original certificates for endorsement. Otherwise, Registration will be automatically cancelled.

Register Online:
Instructions To The Registrants:
1. For Proof of Residence in Puducherry State, any one of the following document is accepted: ( Original and Photo copy will be required )
a) Residence Certificate issued by Revenue authorities not below the rank of Deputy Tahsildar; or
b) Ration Card or Aadhaar Card or Enrollment ID Slip or
c) Proof of having studied in this Union Territory; or
d) Marriage Certificate and Ration Card or Aadhaar Card of the spouse in case the bride / bridegroom is from outside this Union Territory.
e) Service Certificate in case of son or daughter or spouse of persons employed in Central Govt.or State Govt. or Quasi Govt. or Public Sector and Co-op. Sector establishments situated in this U.T.
2. When the registrant reports to the Employment Exchange for verification / endorsement, the entries for which the registrant provides necessary proof only will be considered. The seniority date for the qualifications will be the date on which he or she registers online subject to production of all original certificates in support of his /her qualification.

Diploma / UG / PG / M.Phil registrants should produce semester wise mark statement and provisional / degree certificate. Medical / Legal Professionals should produce Council Registration Certificate of the respective Medical / Bar council. Drivers should produce their valid driving licence with Badge Number issued by Transport Department, Puducherry.
The Caste Certificate should be obtained from the Office of Department of Revenue & Disaster Management not below the rank of Deputy Tahsildar. (Original certificate along with Xerox Copy need to be produced)
3. Only after the registrant gets his/her certificates verified / endorsed, he/she will be considered by Employment Exchange for sponsoring his / her name to the Employer.

Employment Exchange Login:
a. Kindly enter the seven digit Registration Number printed in Employment Exchange identity card prefixing it with your
5 digit Exchange code and ‘00’. For Example 0100450 has to be logged in as
PY011000100450 if registered at Employment Exchange, Puducherry.
(Exchange Code:Puducherry:PY011, Karaikal:PY021,Mahe:PY031,Yanam:PY041, Differently Abled Person: PY012)
b. Your password will be your date of birth (ddmmyyyy) in this pattern
(Eg:6-Aug-1985 as 06081985)
c. Change your password immediately
Registered User Login Here
Employment Exchange Online Renewal:
Instructions For Online Renewal Of Employment Registration
1. For accessing this site, your Registration number and Date of Birth are required.
2. Your existing registration number comprising 7 digits is codified to 14 digits as follows;
(i) First 5 digit will be the Exchange code. The 5 digit exchange codes are PY011 for Pondicherry region, PY021 for Karaikal region, PY031 for Mahe region, PY041 for Yanam and Differently abled person as PY012. It will be prefixed with two zeros and the registration number. Example: For registration number ‘0100450’ of Puducherry region, the registration number is PY011 + 00 + 0100450 which is PY011000100450 in the portal.
(ii) Your date of birth will be the default password. Example: If date of birth is 06-Aug-1985, then the password is 06081985.
Renew Online
You are suggested to change the password immediately after logged in for the first time and remember the same.
For further clarifications, please send your queries relating to Puducherry, Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam to,,, respectively.

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