Process to Apply for New Underground Drainage Connection



 Process to Obtain New Underground Drainage Connection :

: If the applicants requires the New Underground Drainage Connection to make his sewerage water out from septic tanks which are connected to concerned Municipal Corporation’s Underground Drainage Pipe Line, then in that case the applicants needs to pay a sum of Rs. 1000/- which has to be paid in addition to Road Cutting charges. Then the house owner is required to pay drainage tax with reference to seats arranged in latrine and as per rules stipulated in underground drainage pertaining to Guntur Municipal Corporation. There is not necessary on the basis with regard to new drainage connection. The Drainage Connection will be provided  only for those concerned areas which are already covered in the Drainage Scheme.

: The House Owner is require to submit the Form-A which is addressed to the concerned Municipal Commissioner through a Licensed Plumber, with duly enclosing the cost of Form-A in the form of Challan tax receipts which mentions the Name of the Owner and Assessment Number.

: The size of sewer line connection is all depends on the number of users in the residence.


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Process to Obtain New Underground Drainage Pipe Line :
The new Sewer Lines will be availed where there is no space for  Underground Drainage Pipe Line availability in the concerned district or locality and also it all depends on the willingness or concern of the local public for taking the initiative for New DHSC and depends on the Financial Position of the concerned Corporation. The size of the sewer line will be made according to the quantum of sewerage pumped out of the above localities. The New Lines will be provided strictly where the area is covered by the Underground Drainage Scheme and keeping a new capacity of Underground Drainage Treatment works.

Lodge Complaint on Underground Drainage :
Generally, if there is any issues related to chokes which is formed in the premises  of a applicant House, then the House Owner needs to bear the whole amount to maintain sewerage system and the expense of the cleanliness. The chokes will be cleared in the premises and still the sewerage water is not flowing into the main line, the same should be informed to the Citizen Charter [contatc  No. 103 & 2345103] of the Corporation. The normal period of rectification of complaint is 3 days as per the rules prescribed in the Citizen Charter. If the procedure of is not implemented the same thing should be brought to the notice of the Municipal Commissioner in writing.

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