Process to Check Tax Dues & Online Tax Paid Details


To check the property tax or pending dues you need to log on to its web portal which is furnished below. One can easily access the account and check frequently about the tax and its dues. To know more kindly read below.

Official Website


Process to Know Your Tax Dues :
Here we have provided you the assistance to know more about the Property Tax or Pending Water Dues very quickly and accurately. The main issue is that we  provide you the type of your assessment number which is already allotted to every applicant  house or water connection.

Process  :
First you are required to enter your Assessment Number to check the Dues.

To Check Dues Click Here :…e.asp?olx=true

Please Note :

The  unique Assessment Number is allotted for individual house or water supply.

The Assessment Number has 2 parts, for example :
Assessment No. 141
The 1st part is maximum of 6 in length and numeric. The 2nd  part is maximum of 10 in length and is character type. The individuals having the 2nd  part which are rare.

Tax Paid Details :
You are required to enter your Assessment Number to get Paid Details.

To Get Details Click Here :

Account Code Search :
You need to enter Account Description in the link given below to search.

To Search Click Here…ct_searchx.asp

Tax Calculator :
Kindly enter the furnished details in the given link below to calculate the same:
1.  Zone
2.  Know your Zone
3.  Type of Construction
4.  Occupation Status
5.  Plan Approved
6.  Age of the Building
7.  Plinth Area [in Sq. Meters] [or] Plinth Area [in Sq. Feet] 8.  Usage
9.  Usage Sub Category
10. Sub Category Description

To Calculate Tax Click Here  :…/tax_calcx.asp

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