How to Update Aadhar Card Status Online

To provide the facility of changing or updating the details of the people, UIDAI has launched Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal to make things more convenient. Using this portal, you can now modify your details like incorrect name, date of birth, gender or changed address online very easily. To know more kindly see below:

OfficiaL Website:

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How to update your Aadhaar data :
All applicants are informed that they need to be follow the instructions before submitting their aadhar card request. So you are required to read and follow all the instruction carefully. You are suggested to update your data if you are submitting your form through online or if you send it by post:


Date of Birth


Contact Number


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Due to some issue in the service the Aitl mobile users may find some difficulties in using the web portal. The applicants can send their request regarding their update through post for the period of time.

If any resident is unable to search the required pincode or town or village or city or office or district is having some issues in local language translation then in that case they can send their update request through postal service.

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Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal :
You are welcome to Aadhar card service portal. UIDAI has been committed to avail resident eco-friendly system and also self service update portal and it is one of the different touch points t update their profile in three easy steps which are furnished below:

STEP 1: Login with Aadhaar
STEP 2: Submit your Update Request
STEP 3: Upload Documents.

Note that Update here refers to any changes as well as corrections, if required, in resident´s original Aadhaar letter.


The resident with a mobile number can easily update their profile by just using this portal. Mobile number is necessary to receive password to login.
All residents are informed that they can update their Name, Complete Address, Gender, Date of Birth and contact Number through this portal. For other updates, kindly visit Aadhaar Enrollment or Update Center. You are required to click here to get the detailed instructions on submitting Aadhaar Update or Correction requests through this unique portal.


Documents Required:
All residents are required to upload self attested copy of supported documents for update or correction. Kindly click here for the valid list of important documents.

Is resident information can be Updated after submission of the request?
The successful submission of information for update will not give any surety to update the Aadhar data. The information submitted is subject to verification and validation.


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Important instructions for residents regarding Update Portal :
1. Having a mobile number is mandatory for using the Update Portal

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2. If you have declared a mobile number at the time of enrolment, enter your Aadhaar Number to get an OTP (One Time Pin) at that mobile. If you have not declared your mobile at the time of enrolment, then enter your Aadhaar number. You will be asked to provide a mobile number to receive OTP. In case you have lost/do not possess anymore, the mobile, that you declared at the time of enrolment, you will have to either visit nearest Update Centre or send your Update request through Post.

3. Enter OTP and captcha to login to the Update Portal

4. Select the fields you want to be updated /corrected. You can select more than one field also.

5. Fill the fields with current details in English as well as Local Language.

6. Depending on the field to be updated, attach self attested supporting documents as per the Valid Documents List. Refer Link for valid documents.

a. Name Correction/Update : Requires PoI listed in “Supported Proof of Identity(PoI) Documents Containing Name and Photo for Name Corrections/Update”

b. Date of Birth Correction : Requires DoB listed in “Supported Proof of Date of Birth (DoB) Documents”

c. Address Corrections/Change : Requires PoA listed in “Supported Proof of Address (PoA) Documents Containing Name and Address”

7. Review the data entered for correctness and completeness in English as well as local language. Note that Date of Birth will not appear in local language. Also any numeric figures will not be transliterated in local language. UIDAI will not make any corrections to the information in your request.

8. Submit the request. Note down your Update Request Number (URN) carefully for future reference and tracking. You can also download /Print your Update Request copy.

Instructions for filling the Aadhaar Update Form :
1. You are required to fill all the required particulars. Dully fill the form in English language as well as Local Language. The portal automatically enables the same local language as it was used at the time of your enrollment for Aadhar and appears in your Aadhaar Letter.

2. You are required to fill the form with current details. There is no requirement to provide details which are not valid. For example, if you want to update or correct your Name or Address just fill the New Name or Address in the  given space provided in form. There is also no requirement to provide old Name or Address.

3. You are required to write full name without salutations or titles. For example do not write Dr.  or Mr.  or Col. etc

4.  Kindly fill in Date of Birth in DDMMYYYY in the prescribed format. Resident can update his or her Date of Birth from Declared to Verified only once. In case resident’s Verified Date of Birth is incorrect in the Aadhaar letter, the resident can get it corrected once

5. Write complete residence address by which the Aadhaar letter with updates will be delivered at the given address only. In case you face any difficulties with the Pin Code and related data (State/District/Village/Town/City/Post office), then you may contact nearest UIDAI contact centre at

6. To have these Guardian/ Parent/Spouse Name as part of the address, you need to select the appropriate box in C/O details and enter the name of the person in the subsequent field. C/o details in address, is used for letter delivery purposes and is a part of address. It is not mandatory to provide C/o details with address.

7. You are also required to fill the complete address and submit supporting PoA even if you want to update or correct only C/o details. It is ok if C/o details are not mentioned in your PoA document.

8. All resident are informed that they must be available at the given mobile number for any clarifications. Status of application will be intimated to the resident by sending an sms on this mobile number.

9. You must always check that the details entered by you are correct and complete.

10. You need to self attest the supporting documents and photograph. Resident’s name must be clearly mentioned below the signatures when self attesting the documents.

11. You are not required to have to submit all the documents proof. You have to submit only the documents which are required to support the Change or  Correction. For ex. If you need not attach an Address proof if you change your Date of Birth or your Name.

12. Aadhaar letter with updates will be delivered at the given address only in case of Update/Correction in Name, Address, Date of Birth and Gender. For Update of Mobile number, the notification will be sent on the given mobile number

13. Submission of information for update does not guarantee update of Aadhaar data. The information submitted is subject to verification and validation. Furnishing of incorrect information/suppression of information would lead to rejection of application and would attract penal provisions under prevailing laws.


Contact Aadhar Center :
The UIDAI has set up a Contact Center. Resident can make queries about her or his update requests through any communication channel of the contact center.
Voice – 1800-300-1947
Fax – 080-2353 1947
Letters – PO Box 1947, GPO Bangalore – 560001

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