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Check online Application Status :

** Applicants who has participated for above can now can query the status of the application. To know its status anyone has to Enter the Registration number of the applicant Or The application number and fill there category applied for Or the other option that Enter the Name of the applicant or applicants can enter few characters of his or her initials of the name or Choose the Place.
** Click Ok after filling all above than in results a table is displayed with all particulars.
** If application’s files something wrong in online for to get status or applications is reject for any reason than Error detail is displayed in another table. This indicates the exact reason for the application to be rejected.
** if there are some worng information related to application number or anything than the massages displayed “No Records Found”, if there is no application available with us matching your entry.
** You can check the status of application in given columns in this you will get the details like ALOT, CANCELLED or REFUND. You application mean you can get your allotment status there.
** If it is ALLOT ,another page is displayed showing the details of the alloted property.
** Clicking on RESET will reset the current page and another query can be processed.

Check Status Here….asp?flgUser=1


Vacancy Details of property :
** Now anyone can check the map of Karnataka with its location.
** After this you can Choose your required district from Karnataka map where you want to now property.
** after that Select a Place from the pull down menu. Click Ok.
** the vacant position will displayed their Depending on your choice, only that phase where in the vacant property is available is displayed.
** Clicking on any of the phases will display a matrix.
** in the website matrix that will show you the total vacant places there in that particular district map The matrix gives an overall view of the available vacant property for each type and category. All types of combination is covered.
** Clicking on any of the numbers or figures will display the individual list of vacant property
** Selecting the number will provide you further information about the property like cost, location, dimension etc.
** If there is no records found then, a message stating the same is displayed in either of the cases.

Get Details Here

Allotment Details :
** A place has to be picked up from the pull down menu and OK button clicked.
** The place name is displayed. Another pull down menu containing the relavant phases for that particular place is displayed.
** Select the requried phase and click on .
** If there is no records found then, a message stating the same is displayed in either of the cases.

Get Details Here

Payment Details :
** Applicants can query the payment details of the applicant. Helps you to know the details of payment made to KHB.
** all Payment details for that particular Registration Number will displayed online when you check it through link below.
** if you want to check the Payment details than it will be displayed in same page about Instrument Number (DD/Challan).

** some time it takes little more time so you can also mail them or contact them
** Amount received by Karnataka housing board will be updated as and when Karnataka housing board informs us.

Get Details Here….asp?flgUser=1

Know About House Loans :
** Housing Loan is provided by CanFin Homes LTD for Karnataka housing board Applicants.
** HUDCO is also extending the financial loan assistance in KHB applicants

** You can also get address details as well as emil address details for contact them through the website

** If you take housing loan from anywhere in above institutions than CCSL is not responsible in availing loans.

Place Wise Status



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