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The Lore Foundation, India, announces the unique Scholarship Scheme  2014 for School Students. This Scholarships is for Rs. 10.5 crore for minimum 200 + students every year. The Lore India Foundation National Benchmarking and Scholarship Program is one of the largest scholarship  in terms of number of students and scholarships funds. This is the supported by Tata Consultancy Services and Axis Bank, the main motive of this program is to identify and recognize merit in all terms.

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Undergraduate Scholars Scholarship :
Those students who have recently enrolled in Classes X, XI and XII and appearing for their exams in 2015 are eligible to apply for this scholarship scheme.

Lore India Foundation Scholarship Program :
With support from Tata Consultancy Services and Axis Bank, Lore India Foundation has recently launched the Scholarships for School Students with a Recognition and Reward Program for Schools.

This is one of the India’s largest scholarship program and supports more than 200 students every year, with annual scholarships worth Rs. 10 crore, through two national programs. The program has been managed to provide opportunities to those meritorious and promising students, so that they can pursue and continue their education and make all their dreams into reality and develop into promising future leaders with a commitment to give back to the nation and society. Tata Consultancy Services assesses and benchmarks the candidates at the national level and Axis Bank handles the application fees. The Lore India Foundation funds this program.
Eligibility Criteria :
The applicant:
1. Should be enrolled in Classes X, XI or XII at the time of applying.
2. Must be a citizen or permanent resident of India.
3. Should be planning to pursue an undergraduate program from a recognized and accredited Indian or foreign university in any      discipline.

Procedure :
The applicants will be soon shortlisted through the Learning Aptitude Test (LAT) and awarded the scholarship in accordance with their rank in the test. If it is not possible to rank the applicants on the basis of their score in the LAT, there will be a second round of examination, the format of which will be decided by the Governing Council of the Lore India Foundation Scholarship Program.

Award :
The total amount of scholarship on offer under this program is Rs 5 crore.

The scholarship available as per the rank secured by an applicant is:
1st rank: Rs. 50 lakh
2nd rank: Rs. 30 lakh
3rd rank: Rs. 20 lakh
4th- 53rd rank: Rs. 5 lakh each
54th-103rd rank: Rs. 3 lakh each

Features :
The scholarship:
Can be used for undergraduate education in any discipline.
Can be used for preparation of any entrance exam required to get admission to the program of the applicant’s choice.
Shall be paid directly to the educational institution.
Will be in the form of an interest generating trust fund available for the selected scholar to draw upon for a period of 7 years from the date of the award.
In order to maximize the effect of our mentorship program, the selected scholars will undergo a comprehensive interest schedule/psychometric analysis for insights that will help us effectively guide the student.

Prescribed Application fee :
The application fee for this program is Rs. 1,850/-

Applicants have the option to pay the fee via two methods:
Online: The applicant can pay the fee online with either a credit or debit card while completing the registration for the test; or
Cash: The applicant can pay the fee in cash into any branch of AXIS BANK across the country. For more information on cash payments, please see our FAQ section.

Applicants have the option to pay the fee via two methods:
Online: The applicant can pay the fee online with either a credit or debit card at the time of filling the registration form; or
Cash: The applicant can pay the fee in cash at any branch of AXIS BANK across the country. The process of paying the fee in cash is detailed below:
Step 1: The student downloads the pay in slip from Lore India Foundation’s website and fills in the requisite details.
Step 2: The student can approach nearest Axis Bank branch and deposit the requisite amount at the cash counter.
Step 3: The bank retains the bank copy and will return the student’s copy to the student.

Test Date :
The LAT will be delivered across designated centers across the country on September 28, 2014.

The registrations open on July 14, 2014 and close on August 25, 2014. However, due to limited number of seats available to take the exam, the registration window will be closed on reaching the maximum capacity. The registrations will be offered on a first come-first served basis. You are therefore advised to apply at the earliest date from the opening of the registration process.

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