Chhattisgarh Scholarship Portal for SC, ST & OBC Students

Chhattisgarh Scholarship Portal for SC, ST & OBC Students:

You are welcome to the  e-Governance Portal for the automation, streamlining & effective management of processes related to application receipt, processing, sanction and disbursal of various scholarships to Students. The objective of this scholarship scheme is to provide financial and education assistance to all those students who belongs to low income and minority community in Chhattisgarh.This  tremendous initiative is taken from the Welfare department and its aimed is to facilitate faster and efficient disposal of scholarship applications and timely payment of the scholarships to the students directly in their bank accounts.

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The total number of students registered with Scholarship Portal : 394249

Registered Students, Institutes, District Administrators, State Administrators, please login ..…2fDefault.aspx

Password Recovery for Students:
Procedure :
1) Kindly enter only your first name. If your name Gopal Kumar Kishan then you can type only Gopal . Then enter name according to your application for scholarship you have applied. Please do not write Mr./Sh./Ku. etc.
2) You are required to enter your date of birth in a prescribed format, which you have entered at the time of registration.
3) Kindly enter your mobile number which you have entered at the time of registration.
4) You are also required to enter your valid e-mail address, which you have entered at the time of registration.
5) Click on the Reset Password Button

Institute Scholarship Portal to get all Scholarship information about Institute with analytical reports
Click Here to View…nstitutes.aspx

This page shows the list of registered institutes of selected district & tehsil. You need to select  your district, tehsil and press button below to list all institutes.
If your institute is not registered on scholarship portal, please contact your concerned  district welfare office.


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