How to apply Property Card online in Mumbai


How to apply Property Card online in Mumbai:

Property Card Mumbai is a part of e-governance of Mumbai City Administration to have a property in Mumbai City. Property Card Mumbai can be applied online by property owners in Mumbai. This system is use for issuing of Computerised property card , recording details of all property in the Mumbai city , maintaining history of the Property , Mode of acquisition , Land classification etc.
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 I. Online Application of Property Card :

Important Steps :
1. Select Division No. :12345
2. Enter Cadastral Survey No. : 12345
3. Show Matching C.S.No

To apply click here:

II Application Status Of PRC :
1. Enter Your Applicant ID : 1234
You are required to click on ‘Submit’ button.To check status click here:


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The City of Bombay, as it was then called came in light in the year 150 A.D. through the geographical work of renowned geographer, Ptolemy. The City consisting of several islands were then ruled by kolis and agris, the native inhabitants of Mumbai.

These natives ruled the islands upto 1345 A.D. Thereafter, the rulers changed down the history till the Islamic rulers invaded India and conquered some of the islands in 1534 A.D.

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