How to Check IRA Status through Online for PRAN

Tracking Status IRA For PRAN :

First you need to enter your  PRAN in the box given in the link below to know the IRA status through online mode.

To obtain the Status Visit Here

Official Website


Resetting of T-PIN:
The CRA has commenced a benefit to reset the Telephonic Password (T-PIN) in a situation where the active subscriber will forgot the T-PIN and cannot activate the CRA helpline services. The subscriber can easily call the CRA toll free number which is 1800222080 (one eight double zero triple two zero eight zero) and choose the appropriate option. after that  successful authentication, the subscriber will be transferred to a Help Line Executive (Customer  care executive)  to enable him or her to change the T-PIN  through online.

About  PRAN :

Duplicate PRAN Card :
If in case of any loss or damage of Permanent Retirement Account Number card , the subscriber are required to submit a duly filled registration S2 form to the respective POP-SP. After verification process of the form, the POP or POPSP will enter and authorized the request in the CRA system. Hence, the request is processed by CRA and a fresh PRAN Card is printed and delivered to subscriber’s registered address. This is a chargeable transaction and needs to pay such amount.


POP-SP Update :
The POP-SP can update the following requests of the associated subscriber
a. To Change in Personal details which includes the Bank details.
b. To change in Nomination details
c. To Reissue of I-PIN and T-PIN
d. To Reprint of PRAN (Permanent Retirement Account Number) Card
For contribution of both Tier I and Tier II hence, the subscriber may go to any POP-SP. For maintenance of the account a subscriber needs to submit a request to the POP-SP through whom the Tier I account is activated.

Request for reissue of I-PIN / T-PIN :
To re-issue of I-PIN or T-PIN, the subscriber is required to submit a duly filled S2 registration form to the respective POP-SP. A fresh I-PIN or T-PIN will be delivered to subscriber’s concerned registered address. This is a chargeable transaction and needs to pay such amount for the same.

Request for correction or change in Permanent Retirement Account Number:
To change or correct the personal details in PRAN (Permanent Retirement Account Number) a subscriber is required to make a request for the personal, nomination , bank details or to reissue of I-PIN or T-PIN or PRAN Card to the POP-SP. Then a  subscriber can also update his or her recent photograph and signature by submitting hand written request to the POP-SP.


Subscriber needs to submit the following forms for change request :
Form S2 – this is for to change in personal or nomination details or request for re-issue of T-PIN/I-PIN or Reprint of PRAN (Permanent Retirement Account Number) card.
Form S3 – This is to request for change in Scheme Preference or Switch.
Form S7 – This is to request for change in Photograph and/or Signature.


PRAN Annual Account Statement :
The PRAN Annual Account Statement as of March 31st of every year, and it will be sent to the registered address only once in a year. And also  if a subscriber is interested to have a transaction statement, on the basis of adhoc , then in that case they can get in touch with their POP/POP-SP. A subscriber can also check or view or take a print the SOTs by just logging into CRA official website and that is by jut using the I-PIN. A subscriber is also require  to follow the below mentioned path Views —> Statement of Transaction —> Mention the PRAN. And after submitting the Permanent Retirement Account Number No; you are require to mention the date range (period of transaction statement. Date range does not be more than three months. Then Click on to generate statement. Then subscribers can also check the Statement of Holding by using the I-PIN. They can also request for a statement of transaction through Interactive voice response (IVR) (CRA toll free number) using the transaction Personal identification number (T-Pin).

Contact  Address :

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