Process of Mutation of Land in Odisha


Process of Mutation of Land:

Mutation means replacement of the name of a person by the name of another in relation to property in the record showing right or title to the property. To read more about the same kindly check the details given below:

Mutation of Land is needed :
Through mutation of land, the candidate is able to acquire the rights of the land.
In order to avoid the controversy on the ownership of the land the mutation is worked out by both the parties, i.e. buyer and seller.

Legal Framework :
The mutation proceeding is governed by the provisions of Orissa Survey & Settlement Act,1958, Orissa Survey & Settlement Rules,1962 and Orissa Mutation Manual,1962.

Concerned Department :
The Revenue and Disaster Management Department, Government of Orissa

Process for mutation of land :
a. Applicant has to apply in a prescribed form with application fee affixed on it in shape of court fee as prescribed by Govt. from time to time.
b. Application is to be addressed to the Tehsildar of the area in which the land is situated.
c. Applicant has to clearly mention the name of the village in which the right has been acquired.
d. Applicant has to give detail description of the land on which he is praying for mutation.
e. Applicant has to mention the name, parentage and residence of the person who has acquired the right of land in the application form.
f. The date of acquiring the right is to be mentioned in the application form.
g. Applicant has to submit the application form along with copies of documents on the basis of which the mutation is sought.
h. A proclamation is issued inviting objections to the proposed mutation and specifying the date (being not less than 15 days from the date of the proclamation) up to which any objection to the mutation will be entertained.
i. Statement of parties are recorded.
j. Contents of documents are matched with the recorded statements.

Required Documents to be attached :
Registered Sale Deed/ Gift Deed/ Partition Deed (Dalil/Kabala)
Required Fees :
Measurement fee is realised as per Rule 38 of OS&S Rule,1962 as prescribed by Govt. from time to time.
Sanctioned Authority :
Contact with the Tehsildar/Additional Tehsildar.
With whom to register complain:
Contact with the concerned Tehsildar/Additional Tehsildar.
Contact with the concerned Sub-Collector.

Official Timing :
10.00 am to 05.00 pm in all working days.

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