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Taking a much-needed step forward Sikkim National Transport has now launched an Online Bus Ticketing System jointly developed and implemented by Information Technology Department and the Transport Department.


e-ticket booking Information:
Now passengers can book their bus ticket through internet, also cancellation facility is available their in official portal; of ST Online Booking (Internet Booking) will enable the passenger to book the seats and cancel the ticket even from remote places where SNT counters or franchises are not available.

The procedure and guidelines for online ticket booking Internet booking (called, On-line booking) are detailed as follows:
** There is no need to make registration for online ticket booking, it can be made without registration through the Internet.
** There are various types of option to book the ticket online like Credit Card /Debit Card, Net Banking.
** In this type of booking passenger have some rights like which seat he or she prefer so in short we can say that The passenger will select the seats in a service of his choice based on the availability.
** During the booking process, the passenger will have to enter the details of all passengers (If he or she has any other passenger) travelling with him.
** When customer started making payment than they have to provide payment details like ‘Credit Card / Debit Card’ for accepting payment by the Payment Gateway. The booking will be confirmed after the Payment Gateway approves the transaction. After this a confirmation massage will out At this stage, an booking number Reference Number will be generated for that ticket and passenger shall note this number for further communication in future with SNT and after making successful payment customer have to take printout of that ticket which is also called  e-Ticket. ‘e-ticket’ will be printed on a plain paper (A4 size) for acknowledgement and the validity of this e-ticket is complete journey. Passenger has to produce this at the time of boarding
** A another alternatively, is that passenger can take this on his or her tablet  the passenger will have the option of getting the ‘e-Ticket’ printed at any other place where he has Internet connectivity and printing facility. He can print the ‘e-Ticket’, by using retrieve tab in web site.
** If customer have canceled his or her journey and they want to cancel the ticket then  Cancellation of e-tickets is not allowed before two hours from the schedule start time at origin of the Service.
** All transactions on Internet for bus ticket booking are subject to the conditions stipulated by the Payment Gateway and  they other charges subject to levy if any this is remaining. The SNT will levy a service charge of 2.0 % on the fare applicable for each seat in addition to the fare payable.
** we suggest the customers that they should take a print e-tickets immediately after booking  so that they can avoid inconvenience.
** If the transaction is failure than the amount which is deducted from the passengers account will be returned in their account automatically. Payment Gateway Service charges will not be refunded for service cancellation/ failure transactions in e-ticketing.

Book Tickets Online

General Terms & Conditions :
**(A) There are may reasons for  delayed  of bus or pick upoints can be change at the time of boarding due to unavoidable reasons because  traffic jams etc and many other things can be happens. The arrival and departure timings are scheduled departure.
** (B) Passengers have to carry some basic things when he or she boarding in the bus If they are unable to fill these requirement than they shall not be allowed to board the bus:
** A copy of the e-Ticket.
** E-ticket is non transferable. If a ticket is presented by someone other than the person entitled to be carried there-under or to refund in connection therewith, SNT or any of its travel partners shall not be liable to the person so entitled, if in good faith it provides carriage or makes a refund to the person presenting the ticket.
** (C) SNT is a passenger (Customer) transport service only not for carrying heavy good. So passengers have to look after their goods or luggage SNT shall not be liable to make good the loss of goods or property of passengers for any of the Acts, events, incidents whatsoever beyond the control of the company.
** (D) The SNT have rights to cancellation or postponement due to breakdown of the vehicle or insufficient passengers for the trip. If customer books Baggage and Luggage than it will be booked at owner’s risk subject to the acceptance by SNT’s (Sikkim National Transport)  travel partner.
**(E) Some times travel partner of SNT mentioned that there are many facilities in bus like audio and video than  Provision of Video and air conditioning and any such other services mentioned by our travel partner in the buses is the responsibility of our travel partner. Any refunds / claims due to non functioning or un-availability of these services needs to be settled directly with the service provider.


E-Ticket Terms & Conditions :
** (A) The SNT started the facility for transaction (online transaction for e-ticket) with SNT Passenger Reservation System through the Internet. SNT’s (Sikkim National Transport)  rules for reservation and booking apply to all such transactions along with special conditions imposed for Internet based booking. The special conditions and terms of service applicable to Internet booking are detailed in this document.
** (B) There are many terms and condition if you are going to book online e-ticket which we have elaborated in this article if you wish to use the SNT (Sikkim National Transport) online ticket booking service than you must read the full term and condition. When you started to book online e ticket thorough SNT official portal than you have to click on agree terms and conditions The following terms and conditions will apply if you wish to use the SNT. Please go through the conditions carefully and if you accept them, you may register and transact on the site, you are deemed Please go through the conditions carefully and you have to accept these Terms and conditions if you want to book the ticket otherwise you have to leve that page you may register and transact on the site, you are deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions set forth below. Actually this is the formal agreement between service provider and customer (or passenger) these conditions also follow when we travel any of the public vehicle.
** (C) We advice users should make only one user ID  If a user violates the terms and conditions of use by registering more than one user ID and /or booking tickets on such multiple user IDs, Sikkim National Transport reserves the right to deactivate all such user registration and cancel any or all tickets booked using these registrations without any notice so you should take care of this.
** SNT (Sikkim National Transport) performance of this agreement is subject to existing laws and legal processes of Government of India so these effect same as well as customers and transport company and nothing contained in this agreement is in derogation of SNT (Sikkim National Transport) right to comply with law enforcement requests or requirements relating to your use of this Web Site or information provided to or gathered by SNT with respect to such use. You agree that SNT may provide details of your use of the Web Site to regulators or police or to any other third party, or in order to resolve disputes or complaints which relate to the Web Site, at SNT’s (Sikkim National Transport) complete discretion.
** If any part of this agreement is determined to be invalid or unenforceable pursuant to applicable law including, but not limited to, the warranty disclaimers and liability limitations set forth herein, then the invalid or unenforceable provision will be deemed superseded by a valid, enforceable provision that most closely matches the intent of the original provision and the remainder of the agreement shall continue in effect.

Related queries to SNT:
If you are booking many seats than only 10 seats can be booked in one ticket for other you have to book another ticket.

 Refund & Cancellation of e-ticket:
** If the bus is canceled in any reason like traffic Jams or failure. In the event of cancellation of a bus/service trip, SNT will assist (They try to get customer the another bus) the passenger in providing an alternative similar service subject to availability. In case an alternative is not available, then SNT shall be liable to the passenger (in case unable to arrange the money than they refund in the same bank or card) only to the extent of refunding the sum paid by the passenger as per the rules in force directly to the customer’s Credit Card/Debit Card account.
** In case of any misshaping in the seat allocation or change of vehicle than Sikkim national transport  reserves the right to change the customer’s seat number.
** The Customer (passenger) have to right cancel ticket in Sikkim SNT bus counter but they have to follow the terms and conditions..

** Please note that all fares are subject to change without notice to the customer or passenger the issue can be various types. If you have purchases the ticket and after that the fares is hike than you will not be required to pay the difference. However, if you decide to prepone/postpone your travel dates, which requires re-issuance of the ticket, the same ticket will be repriced at the applicable fare at the time of making changes and the difference would have to be paid. Please check your ticket after it is issued, for its correctness and we request you to read the Terms and conditions.

** The cancellation policy is subject to change at the last minute and is at the discretion of the SNT.
Cancel Tickets Online

The cancellation for e-ticket and refund rules slab wise (excluding the reservation fee, which is non refundable) are as follows :


Cancellation Terms

Cancellation Charges


More than 48 (forty eight hours) hrs before the Schedule service start time at origin of the bus. Only reservation charges


From 48 hrs before and up to 24 hrs. Before the Schedule service start time at origin of the bus. 10% of the actual fare + Reservation charges


From 24 hrs before and up to 2 hrs before the Schedule service start time at origin of the bus 25% of the actual fare + Reservation charges


Up to 1 hr before Schedule service start time at origin of the bus. 50% of the actual fare + reservation charges.

We hope you have got sufficient knowledge to book etickets and its conditions

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