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Employment exchange in Gujarat has the motive at making the job vacancies available to the candidates with the means of employment offices/exchanges network in the state. These exchange department gives the numbers and details of the candidates to all the big state employers to get the job opportunity for them. To know more kindly read below:

Guidelines for Jobseeker’s Registration and Renewal :
1. All eligible job seekers, can register themselves at employment office.
2. Job seekers can easily renew their registration by post also. Upon expiry, the registration can be renewed for further period on any of the working day as shown in the registration card.
3. The registration of the job seeker is liable to be cancelled in the following circumstances.
a) Continuous 03 absents, even after receiving call letters from this office.
b) The name of the job seeker is included in the list of candidates given to the employer and he/she remains absent in three interviews, continuously.
c) After confirming with this office to remain present in the interview and thereafter remains absent in the interview.
d) Once selected and appointed the job seeker does not report for duty.
e) Fails to renew his/ her registration within stipulated time limit.
4. Once the candidate’s name will be registered with the concerned office it shall be in the interest of the candidate that he gets his additional educational qualification and experience registered with this office and the seniority in these regard shall be considered from the date of registration of such qualifications or experiences. For the purpose of such registration original certificate of qualifications or experience shall have to be presented.
5. Non-Gujarati candidate will have to submit the certificate of the Mamlatdar to the effect that he/she is residing in Gujarat for last 03 years and is permanent resident.
6. If the candidate migrates to other district after registration, he can get his registration transferred to the new district and his seniority shall be considered on the basis of original seniority.



About us:
The Directorate of Employment & Training, Government of Gujarat has been in the forefront of implementing various skill-building programes with the aim of helping people to get jobs and this in-turn facilitates Industrial Development.At present 263 Govt.ITIs, 448 Grant-in-aid & Self-Financed ITCs, 335 KVKs (Kaushalya Vardhan Kendra), 238 VTPs (Vocational Training Provider) and 41 Employment Exchanges are functioning under this Directorate.

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