Obtain Death Certificate in Tamil Nadu

Obtain Death Certificate in Tamil Nadu:

To obtain death certificate one needs to first register the death within 21 days of its occurrence. The concerned Municipalities , Corporation and the village panchayats undertakes the registration process of deaths. The official website provides the complete details regarding this

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How to Obtain Death Certificate :
Eligibility Criteria :
As per the rules and regulations, the births/deaths and still-births must need  to be registered within 21 days at the place of occurrence.

Concerned Authority :
In Municipalities, Corporations and Special Village Panchayats (Town Panchayats), the concerned local bodies undertake the registration of deaths.

In Village Panchayats, the responsibility for registration of deaths is with the Revenue Department and the Village Administrative Officers in the Village Panchayats are the Registrars of Deaths.

Deaths taking place in a medical institution will be intimated for registration by the institution directly to the registering authority.

When death has taken place in the house, the head of the family or the nearest relative of the family will have to register in the prescribed format along with a medical certificate.

Besides the prescribed time limit, if a registration is completed,then  it is accepted with a payment of penalty upto a period of 1 year. If a registration is to be done after the period of 1 year, then it will be registered only on receipt of a judicial order from a Magistrate and with penalty.

Application Procedure :
In rural areas, the concerned Register of Deaths is managed and holded in the Taluk office for 2 years and it is transferred to the respective Sub-Registrar’s Department. Hence, in rural areas, the Death Certificate can be taken from the Taluk Office within two years and thereafter it has to be applied for in the Sub-Registrar’s office and obtained.

In Town/ Municipal areas, the Registers of Deaths are managed and holded by the respective Town/ Municipal Office.

The forms are required to be asked for in the above offices and obtained.

Concerned Departments :
In rural areas, the Taluk Offices and Sub-Registrar’s offices are the concerned offices for registration/ issual of certificates. Taluk offices come under the Revenue Administration Department.

Town Panchayats (at present called Special Village Panchayats) come under the Rural Development Department.

Municipalities and Corporations come under the Municipal Administration and the Water Supply Department.

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