Process of Online Employment Registration & Renewal


Employment Exchange  in Tamil Nadu is really a great help for all those job seekers who are enough educated and deserve for the best opportunities in their state. These exchange gives opportunity to all the deserving candidates in state and also give the candidates profile to all the employers. For more details kindly visit the official website which is furnished below:


Process for Online Employment Registration :
1. Those candidates who access the Online Employment Registration portal are suggested to furnish the accurate and complete information or details regarding their personal profile and Educational Qualifications.
2. Accuracy in providing information is mandatory .All candidates are informed that if they furnish false or incorrect information, then they are liable for cancellation of their registration with our prior notice.
3. Even if any one of the information furnished is found to be false, the entire Registration stands cancelled and the candidate looses his/her seniority.
4. The onus of verification of the documents lies with the employer. If the employer on verifying the data finds any discrepancy in the details furnished, the appointment for the particular vacancy shall be cancelled along with the cancellation of the registration at the employment office.

Register Here

Process to Login:

1.  Please use the Registration number (In Upper Case) which is printed in Employment Exchange identity card by prefixing with your exchange code.
2.  For example you have registered at Chennai Professional Exchange, your card number printed as 1996M00216 (In case you are a women candidate use “F” in the place of “M” while logging in. For eg if the old Employment Registration is W/7054/1998 log in as CHP1998F00007054),
3.  Your password will be your date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy) in this pattern.

Update Profile :
You can update your profile details like Communication Address, Bank Details, Product Details, etc. You can also change your digital certificate.

Click on the Update Profile menu, the menu will expand and submenu will appear as shown below.

To Update Profile, you have to login using User ID and Password.

If you have any query then please contact :
Call at :044-22500124

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