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Process to Get your Aadhaar Number :
Aadhaar card is very essential document which gives facilities and benefits from the govt services. To get your Aadhaar No on your registered mobile, please enter 14 digit Enrolment Id or 28 digit Enrolment Id with Date time stamp and Mobile no printed on your Acknowledgement slip. Wait for six digit pin on your registered mobile. To know more kindly click on its web portal uidai.gov.in

Official Website http://uidai.gov.in/

Instructions :

Step 1 : Please Provide EID & Mobile
Note : Please dont Close/Refresh this page
Step 2 : Wait for six digit pin on mobile provided at the time of enrolment.
Step 3 : Enter the Six digit pin

Get your Aadhaar No. https://portal.uidai.gov.in/Resident…/getstatusLink

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Enrolment process for a AADHAAR number :
A candidate is required to visit the nearest enrolling agency or center along with the photo Identity proof/ residence proof documents,and then fill up an application form(which is optional to Registrar) and present the required important documentation. If candidate does not have any document to prove his identity then in that case he will require an Introducer to get him/herself enrolled.

The authorised registrar person will verify the information with the documents produced by an applicant. The demographic data will be entered in software.

Biometrics information of ten finger prints, both iris scan and facial photograph of the resident will also be captured

After that the data will be sent to CIDR

A duplication check comparing the Resident’s biometric information to the records in the database is done If the individual is not already in the database, Aadhaar Card / Aadhaar Number will be issued and sent to the person at his/ her given residence. The Aadhaar number will also be delivered to the Registrar for use in their service database.

If in case the candidate is already in the database, or in case of any other quality/data validation failure the application will be rejected and the person will be informed of the same. The detailed process of Aadhaar enrolment is available on the official website under the RoB document.

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