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Online Payment Procedure :

To pay the online Electricity bill you are required to select your District and ERO and then you need to Enter the Service Number in the link which is given below, then Select the Type of Payment. To verify the details, you need to click on verify the Bill Payment option or if you want to Submit, then Click on Submit Button. For more information kindly read below:


Kindly Note: You are required to enter the Service Connection No. which is printed on the Bill.

If you wish to make bill payment through online then kindly click here: http://www.billdesk.com/APCPDCL/apcpdcl.htm


Billing Details :
a.  Online Bill Enquiry
b.  Bill Details
c.   Pay Bill
d.  Bill and Payment History
e.  HT Bill Enquiry

If you want to know more about the bill then kindly click here: https://www.apcentralpower.com/Billinginfo/Billinginfo.jsp


 Online Bill Enquiry Process: 
a.  You are require to select your District
b.  Then you need to select the ERO.
c.   Now enter the Service Number or Unique Service Number.
d.  After that click on Submit Button.

Please click here for bill enquiry or other details: http://www.apcentralpower.com/Billdesk/ukscOnlineBill.jsp

Help to enter Service Number :

Hyderabad, RangaReddy, Medak, Mahboobnagar, Nalgonda, Kurnool and Ananthapur Districts of APCPDCL

Issues in Log in Process: here we have given some points which give you assistance to log in and you are required to read the following:

In case of services falling under HYDERABAD and SECUNDERABAD, the following points apply.
1.The length of Service Number should not exceed eight characters.
2.The first 2 characters represent the Circle code. The first character is always an alphabet and the second character can be a “space” or a number between 1 and 9.
3.The length of the characters after the circle code should not exceed 6 characters.
4.The Service Number printed on the Spot Bill issued at your end should be entered exactly.


For example :

If Service Number is BZ001234, then you need to enter the Service Number as BZ001234

Else If Service Number is B1001234, then please enter the Service Number as B1001234

If you wish to find Service Number through SEARCH Service, the Name as on the Bill should be exactly entered  as it is on your Bill. Even if the spaces and dots(“.”) have to be entered correctly.



If the name as on the bill is “H. kAPOOR ”, then it should be entered as H. KAPOOR

The Location may or may not be entered, if entry is made it can be as follows SECUNDERABAD

The entry of location can be a part of the address printed on the Spot Bill. It helps to give you an easy search.

In case of services falling under Other Districts of APCPDCL, the following points apply.
1.The Service Number consists 2 parts. The first part is the area or distribution code and the second part is Service Number.
2.The length of area or distribution code normally is four or five digits.
3.The Service number varies from 1 to 6.
4.The Service Number is printed on the Spot Bill issued at your end should be entered exactly.


For example :
If Service Number is 1234 56789, kindly enter the Service Number as 1234 56789

Else if Service Number is 12345 67891, kindly enter the Service Number as 12345 67891

Else if Service Number is 1234567891, kindly enter the Service Number as 1234567891


Official Website : http://www.apcentralpower.com/index.jsp?id=1


Contact Address:
Corporate Office,
Mint Compound,
Hyderabad-500 063.

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