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How to use online payment service:

Now Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s which is called AMC in short providing egovernance facilities to make instant payment using its official portal (www.egovamc.com) there are many options for making this payment you can use online internet banking as well as credit card. If anyone wants to pay their property tax than they have to specify their “Tenament No” and after that pay it to directly through you concerned payment method like credit card or online banking account.

What is the procedure to access this service:

Anyone can make payment instantly using web portal of municipal corporation also by the link http://www.egovamc.com/epay/payhome.aspx

What type of payments can I make by using this Service ?

You can pay two types of payment using above methods which are following:

a. Property Tax (Any one can pay their tax)

b.  Professional Tax (only Business Enrolments can make payment in this method)


The workflow of these services:

a.  First of all you need to Provide your Tenament details (Which you have) – after that enter the Tenament Number in the above link and and click on ‘Search’.

b.  This will show the – the basic details of owner like Name of Owner, Occupier (if any), Address and the tax amount due after that there will it shows the all transations like If tax amount is due then on the same page the ‘Pay’ button will be appear and after that make payment to proceed with payment click the ‘Pay’.

c.  After clicking the payment button you will be redirected on another page of the portal for the payment confirmation But there you will see some more information like tenament details and payment amount. After that you have to fill your valid email id and working mobile number which you will use in further confirmation. Then click the ‘Confirm’.

d.  After above steps You will be directed to a payment gateway (like online internet banking or credit card details) where you will be required to enter your credit card details; or you will redirected you net banking of your banks page where you need to put user and password of your online banking.

e.  Your payment will be authenticated over the payment gateway and your credit card or your bank account will be instantly debited.

f.  After above process you will get a Transaction Reference (in your email id as well mobile number) Number that is an acknowledgement for your payment request.

g.  Your payment will be credited into Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s (AMC’s) account either immediately or within 2 working days.

h.  If your payment is reflected into AMC’s (Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s) account immediately after successful payment, then you can either take print out or save the receipt.

i.  If your payment is not reflected into Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s (AMC’s) account immediately, then the receipt will be mailed to you once the transaction is confirmed or the amount is transferred into Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s (AMC’s) account.

Are my transactions safe?

The security and confidentiality of your personal and financial information is of paramount importance to us. You are provided with best-in-class security standards when it comes to using the online tax payment service so that your transactions done are safe.

Web Portal http://www.egovamc.com/


What if I need help using the service?

We consider it a privilege to serve you, our valued citizen.
You can write to us at info@egovamc.com for any questions that you may have about the online tax payment service.

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