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Registration Process:

To pay electricity bill through online mode is the best and simplest way. If any consumer wish to pay online electricity bill then he needs to follow some simple steps to pay bill online and after that he can save his/her time as well as energy. To stand in a long queues is quite difficult task and in the elctricity department one cannot manage every thing in one day. To know more about the bill and other bill details one can check through internet service.

Web Portal http://www.mpcz.co.in/portal/Bhopal_…Label=home_bpl


 Pay and View your Bill Online:

The Customer or Consumer  means an individual who is supplied with the service of electricity supply by the licensee and includes any individual whose premises are for the time being and connected for the motive or purpose of receiving electricity from the licensee, persons who have applied for an electricity connection, persons whose supply is not yet connected even after due notice to avail connection or whose electricity supply has been disconnected. A Customer is –
(i) Low Tension Customer if he gets the supply from the licensee at low or medium voltage.
(ii) High Tension Customer if he gets the supply from the licensee at High Voltage.
(iii) Extra High Tension Customer if he gets the supply from the licensee at Extra High Voltage.

An Existing User is the customer who has already been given supply of electricity of a premise provided
(a) A supply of power is technically feasible,
(b)  A customer has observed the procedure specified in Supply Code, and
(c)  A customer accept to bear the cost of supply and services as specified.
A New User is the one who wish to apply for the same.

HT and LT Customers may be classified on the below basis:
(i) Low Tension Customer if he gets the supply from the licensee at low or medium voltage.
(ii) High Tension Customer if he gets the supply from the licensee at High Voltage.

The declared voltage of the AC supply is follow below:
(a) Low Tension
(i) Single Phase: 230 volts between phases and neutral.
(ii) Three Phase: 400 volts between phases.
(b) High Tension (HT)

Three Phase: 11 kV or 33 kV between phases.

The licensee shall design and operate a distribution system in conjunction with the transmission systems. The licensee shall not permit the voltage at the point of supply to the Customer to vary from the declared voltage which is:
(a) In the case of low or medium voltage, by more than 6%; or
(b) In the case of high voltage, by more than 6% on the higher side or by more than 9% on the lower side; or
(c) In the case of extra high voltage, by more than 10% on the higher side or by more than 12.5% on the lower side.

Any exceptions to the above will only be allowed with the written consent of the Customer or with prior approval of the Commission.

To register login click here:  http://www.mpcz.co.in/portal/Bhopal_home.portal?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=registerNow_bpl

Documents Required
Here the following documents are to be kept safely and ready to scanned in jpeg/jpg/pdf/bitmap format to complete the process of online submission of application.
1.Demand Draft  scanned copy of amount Rs.10,000 which has to be payable to the concerned Accounts Officer,MPMKVVCL and should be mandatory to submit the application.

2. A map indicating therein in the prescribed location of the plant or office and the point where supply is required. The map should normally be of the scale of 1 cm representing 1200 cm for HT connections.


3. Licensee or No Objection Certificate from statutory authority, (if required) or a declaration by the applicant is that his connection does not fall under the requirement of NOC under any statute.

4. In case of a proprietary firm, an affidavit to be submitted stating that the applicant is the sole proprietor of the firm.

5. If in case of partnership firm, a certified copy of partnership deed.

6. In case of Limited Company, the Memorandum and Articles of Association and Certificate of Incorporation.

7. Proof of permanent residential address of the consumer and PAN Number, if any. If there is any change at a later date, the same shall be intimated by the consumer to the Licensee immediately.

8. Letter of intent for production/enhancement in production for industrial connection.

9. List of equipment proposed to be installed along with the expected load.

10. Resolution for authorization in respect of where connection required in name of firm, limited/Pvt Ltd firm, company etc.

11. Registration from Industries Department wherever applicable.

12. Extract of project report relevant to power and process requirement (in case of industries).

13. Copy of the relevant section of the current tariff order that provides details of the tariff category opted by the consumer and duly signed by him. This will be appended with agreement after completion of formalities.

14.Consent of applicant to get work done from A class Contractor ( name & address of the licensed Electrical contractor through whom the wiring will be carried out) after depositing 5 % supervision charges if consumer is desirous of getting work done through “A” class Contractor.

15.Undertaking from applicant if the supply is from rural feeder, regarding observance/ to rural discipline.

16.In case of application for power supply to stone crushers, stone polishing and hot mix plant, the following additional information shall also be furnished.
(a) Documentary evidence from the department concerned to show that he will be able to take requisitioned quantum of power supply for atleast two years.
(b) His permanent address.

17. NOC from pollution control board from MP State Prevention and control of water pollution boards, whereever applicable.


 E Bill Registration Via SMS :
T get request for E-Bill through SMS service you are required to provide your phone details in the given boxes on the link below.

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