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How to get Online Birth Certificate in Warangal

The birth certificate is the most essential identity document which gives benefit to any individual in terms of taking admission in school or college. Now it becomes necessary to obtain the birth certificate in Warangal to establish the date and fact of one’s birth. Birth certificate also give right to vote in a country. For more details kindly read below:



 Registeration process of child Name:


First you are required to enter the birth date and click search button. After exact record found, If your child name is not registered , then you will prompt a button saying register a child name and then Click on it.
Kindly Note:
If child name is already registered you will not redirected to any button you need to go to payment menu .Select birth certificate.

After clicking that register the child name option, and then you will be redirected to another page. On that page you will be asked some requested Details such as applicant details , Hospital Discharge Card, Authorized Ration Card Proof etc.

Now you need to enter above details and submit the application. After submitting the application, It will be forward to Health officer, He will be verify and approve your application.You will be notify with sms.


If uploaded proofs are invalid health officer will be rejected your application.


How To get birth certificate:

First you need to enter birth date and click search button. After appropriate record found, Click on pay and get button.

After this, you will be asking mobile number and email address. You are required to enter required details and submit the form.

After submit we will transfer to payment mode of easy2pay with asking debit or credit card number , valid month and year of the card and cvv2/cvc2 is the three digit security code printed on the back of your card, email address , mobile number , word verification and submit to process a payment.

After the process of successful payment you will be transfer to another page. On that page you will see the download certificate. After that you are required to download it and save your certificate. The certificate is digitally signed with unique registration number of each birth.


Contact Address:
Warangal Municipal Corporation
Beside MGM Hospital,
Warangal – 506002 ,
Andhra Pradesh – India.


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    I want to get my wife name corrected in my children date of bith certificate so whats the process

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