www.sje.rajasthan.gov.in Procedure to check Jaipur Scholarship Application Status Online

How to Check Scholarship Application Status :

This page facilitates Status of Scholarship Application. You have to enter Application id and press Submit Button to get the details. To get the status kindly click at the given below link.


To Get Status Click Here

Website http://www.sje.rajasthan.gov.in/


Application ID Recovery For Students :
This fapplication form will Show your Application Id after providing below information. All fields on this form are mandatory

Step-1 : First you are required to Enter First Name. Enter only first name as per Scholarship application submitted on this portal. If your name is Kishan Kumar Korithen type only Kishan. Do not use any prefix like Mr./Sh./Ku. etc.
Step-2 : Enter Mobile Number. Enter Mobile No. which you have provided on this portal
Step-3 : Select Domicile District. Select Domicile District, which you have provided on this portal.
Step-4 : Select State. Select State where you are Studying and info provided on portal.

To Get ID Click Here

Search for Students :
You can search your scholarship application on this page. You have to select Institute Type, Institute Level, District, Tehsil, Institute and press button below to view applications. You may also enter your first name to list all applicant’s having same name. You can also view latest status of your application by clicking on (+) button on left of applicant details.

Kindly Note :
Please write your First Name (ONLY) in English before you click the SEARCH button. This will display the list of Students. Don’t try to Search Application by Surname and Middle Name.

Search Here http://rajpms.nic.in/default.aspx


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